Artifox Desk in Black Oak

It’s pretty much a given that the vast majority of us are working from home right now and the chances are it will be for the foreseeable future for many as well so you may as well look to get your home workspace sorted and invest in a high-quality desk. There are few better candidates for the job, particularly if, like us, you love a stealthy aesthetic than this Artifox Desk in Black Oak which offers a functional workspace and an unparalleled visual impact.

The Artifox Desk in Black Oak is available for $1590 (for the sitting version) and $1790 (for the standing version) so you can choose the one that best fits in with your space and work style. It is a contemporary desk that effortlessly adapts to your requirements to deliver the ideal workspace day in, day out. Each one is crafted from solid white oak and pure black ink, then sealed with a beautiful satin finish for an unbeatable aesthetic that will enhance any interior design endeavour you’ve got going on.

Streamline Your Workspace

Each one of these classy looking desks from Artifox is made in the USA and comes with a mighty useful cable grid which is designed to manage power cords and a built-in dock that is compatible with a range of accessories so you can really personalise the space and make it your own. They are delivered flat packed and effortlessly assemble in just minutes.

The Artifox Desk in Black Oak ($1590-$1790) has plenty of convenient pegs for hanging bags and headphones and adjustable feet for uneven surfaces. One of the stands out design features of the desk is the modular system that allows you to attach accessories and create your own set-up and you can easily manage cords and power strips by attaching them to the cable grid.

Your workspace is the most important element of being productive on a daily basis in our experience here at The Coolector and with something like this Artifox Desk in Black Oak you’re already on the right path. Purpose-built to offer the ultimate in functional, versatile workspaces, this is definitely a worthwhile investment if you’re looking at working at home more often in the future.

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