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Functionality and style are two key components that we will typically demand of our furniture here at Coolector HQ but it’s safe to say that not all pieces will have these characteristics but some are positively overflowing with both and a prime example of this is the stunning designs that can be found with Artifox Furniture.

Artifox are US design studio filled with talented fellows who know the importance of making space work for you and this shines through in all of the phenomenal pieces of furniture that they produce and, better still, news is afoot of a soon to open online store which will see their designs available for purchase.

With a focus on workspaces i.e. desks, Artifox are right up our street at The Coolector as we’re forever on the lookout for pieces of furniture that makes us more productive and this US design studio certainly boast more than most. Check out some of our favourite designs from Artifox below:





As you can see, functionality and understated style abounds with all the pieces from Artifox and they expertly intermingle great looking design with impressive features such as integrated whiteboards that really appeal to our sensibilities here at The Coolector.

Brilliantly conceived and crafted from top quality materials, we dare say that we won’t be alone in waiting with baited breath for the artisans at Artifox to open their online store peddling their breathtaking wares.

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