SORVN Republic Backpacks

Travelling is something that is never far from our thoughts here at Coolector HQ and it is for that reason that we’re always on the lookout for great looking accessories that make for a smooth trip and it’s fair to say that SORVN Republic’s awesome looking backpacks definitely fall into this bracket.

SORVN Republic is a premium action, lifestyle brand that has a particular emphasis on surf culture and their fantastic looking carries have captured our attention here at The Coolector with their mightily impressive versatility and visual appeal.

Their eye-catching collection of backpacks have been designed with surfers in mind insomuch as they’re always on the move looking for the best waves and will need a functional carry to facilitate this – which is where the SORVN Republic Backpacks come into play. Check out a few more shots of these great looking carries below:









We’ve got a soft spot for outdoor inspired lifestyle brands and SORVN Republic are unquestionably one of the best we’ve come across of late. With a dedication to providing well-crafted, stylish and, above all, versatile backpacks, it’s hard not to be impressed with the wares from SORVN and we certainly are here at Coolector HQ.

For anyone after a striking carry that won’t let them down in the style or performance stakes this summer, it’s hard to look beyond this supremely cool offerings from SORVN Republic.

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