Artifox Stand Up Desk 02

Though we’re admittedly not particularly practicing what we preach here at Coolector HQ, there is a general consensus that standing at your desk whilst you work has plenty of tangible health benefits. The problem is that not many standing desks on the market have got the sort aesthetic appearance that those working in creative industries will demand. Well, enter the Artifox Standing Desk 02 to put paid to all these issues.

The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is the sort of workspace that anyone will love to work from because not only does it look fantastic but also offers an impressive amount of functionality and versatility so you really can work the way you want. This superb looking desk from Artifox will definitely make you stand out from crowd in your office or add significantly to the interior design aesthetic of your home office and it can be yours from $1590.

Stand to Deliver

Carefully designed to look great in any space be it an office or in your own home, the Artifox Stand Up Desk 02 is available in a couple of different materials so you can best pick the one that fits in with your own design aesthetic. This cracking piece of designer furniture has been made to confidently keep monitors, laptops, speakers, and much more besides stored effortlessly on your desktop and still delivers the ideal amount of space for all your EDC essentials to boot.

The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is crafted from from walnut and steel which delivers its lasting durability and robustness whilst also giving it a stand-out industrial aesthetic. It boasts a built-in dock, cable grid, and also has compatibility with a the range of Artifox accessories so you can customise your workspace in order to maximise your creative potential and productivity. The Standing Desk 02 pairs with a counter-height stool to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions throughout the day.

Stand out features characterise the Artifox Standing Desk 02 and this includes the dock which is the ideal resting place for your tablet or phone. It has soft, felt knots which keep all your cables in place, right where you need them and not causing an unsightly mess which is a common problem for a lot of conventional workspaces. There is also a clean and universal grid solution to cable management integrated into the design which anchors chargers below the desk surface.

Expert Design

Cleverly designed to offer the ultimate in standing workspaces, this superb offering from Artifox is designed and built in USA and is conceived to bridge the gap between beauty and function, which, in turn, makes it the ideal addition for home and commercial offices. It can be easily configured in sets of two or more in order to create the ideal group workspace for any office – large or small and the health benefits of standing whilst you work is the icing on the cake.

With prices starting at $1590, the quality of the Artifox Standing Desk 02 speaks for itself and we’re loving the understated, old-school cool that it exudes here at Coolector HQ. With a couple of different material choices and styles to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect standing desk for you with this excellent offering from Artifox.

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