Artifox Standing Desk 02

Stand to conquer isn’t exactly a mantra of ours here at Coolector HQ given our inherent laziness and perma-slouch but this is something we’re looking to overcome through the choice of a workspace ideally suited to us aesthetically and in terms of prompting us to be more active during the working day. Well, it looks very much as though we’ve found the ideal candidate in the form of this Standing Desk 02 from one of our favourite furniture pedlars, Artifox.

The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is the ideal piece of furniture for standing out from the crowd, literally, and for those who want a desk that fits in perfectly with your interior design aesthetic at home or in the office, there can be few better candidates for the role than this. Exceptionally crafted and thoughtfully designed to be conducive to creativity, the Artifox Standing Desk 02 is one of the best pieces of designer furniture we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ.

Designed to Perfection

Something that really stands out with the furniture workshop of Artifox is there attention to every detail, no matter how small, because they know that this will add to the overall versatility and functionality of the finished product and no where is this more true than with this gloriously crafted Standing Desk 02. Designed from the ground up to provide an impactful visual appeal, this first class piece of furniture from Artifox comes in two woods – namely, walnut and oak – so you’ll find a variety that sits better with your overall interior aesthetic.

The Artifox Standing Desk 02 is ideally suited to working with monitors, laptops, speakers, and more or less any form of tech that you’d commonly keep in your workspace. Crafted from either oak or walnut and steel for lasting durability and an uncommon level of robustness from a workspace, the Standing Desk 02 delivers an eye-catching built-in dock, cable grid, and compatibility with various other Artifox accessories which will all add to the overall functionality of the desk.

Standing whilst you work has proven to have various health benefits and can be great at making you more productive and less inclined to slouching whilst you work but not all standing desks are created equal from a visual point of view and this Artifox Standing Desk 02 is definitely a stand out perform in the visual department with the excellent materials used and the cracking attention to detail with each element of the design.

Standing Out

Whilst it’s obviously design to promote you to stand more during your working day, the Artifox Standing Desk 02 is made to such a height that it can also be easily used alongside a countertop stool which means you can quickly switch between sitting and standing depending on how you’re feeling at any given time. Overflowing with neat design features which aims to successfully integrate all the various bits of tech you have such as smartphones, tablets, headphones and speakers, this excellent piece of furniture will deliver a contemporary performance with a traditional style design.

Artifox have already been up a pretty extensive fanbase off the back of their understated, minimalist style furniture and they’re sure to win plenty more admirers of the back of the stunning Standing Desk 02. Visually superior and boasting more functionality than seems possible, we’re loving everything about this cracking piece from Artifox and we’re sure they will be positively flying off the shelves.

Price: $1250+

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