ATMO SFERA™ Platterless Turntable

Vinyl is very much enjoying a renaissance of late and more and more of us are choosing to add a turnable to our interior design set up for all our music listening requirements and if you’re the sort that really wants their gadgetry to stand out from the crowd, you might just want to turn your attention in the direction of the extraordinary looking ATMO SFERA™ Platterless Turntable which is funding on Kickstarter as we speak.

The ATMO SFERA™ Platterless Turntable is described as a revolutionary paradigm in turntable production, crafted with superior design and the best sound quality for vinyl lovers. If you love the unique sound supplied by vinyl records but want a device that really packs a punch aesthetically, this is unquestionably the one for you.

Designed by a fleet of Italian engineers, the ATMO SFERA™ Platterless Turntable is perfectly suited to the modern urban dweller who demands a superior looking product. With top notch sound quality complimenting the unique, industrial design of this first class turntable, there really is nothing not to like and you can see some more shots below to see why we’ve fallen for it here at Coolector HQ:








Technologically superior with an unparalleled visual appeal, the ATMO SFERA™ Platterless Turntable is just the sort of device that today’s music lovers are going to appreciate and it’s little wonder that it’s enjoyed a good start to its funding campaign over on Kickstarter.

Stunning design features coupled with the finest materials combine to make this a must have turnable and whilst it is by no means cheap, you’re unlikely to find many better oin the market than this.

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