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So far as watches are concerned, the materials that you favour are very much down to personal preferences and it’s very noticeable of late that more and more men are gravitating towards wooden timepieces and when they’re as awesome looking as those from Hikaro Watches, it certainly isn’t difficult to see why.

Another watchmaker that is cutting its teeth on Kickstarter, Hikaro Watches are billed as being modern, industrial re-imagining of traditional style wooden watches and, it’s fair to say, we’ve been left mightily impressed with the visual appeal of the finished product.

Designed in Switzerland, utilising Swiss components, the quality of these timepieces is plain to see and if you’re the sort of fellow who likes a natural, earthy feel to their watches, Hikaro is definitely a name you want to keep an eye on.

With a very unique and unusual aesthetic, these watches from Hikaro come in a number of different forms and is an extremely versatile timepiece suitable for everyday wear regardless of your lifestyle. Take a look at a few more shots of these top class timepieces below:








The hand-crafted quality of Hikaro Watches positively shines through and the lightweight but durable casing won’t let you down from a style or performance perspective. There are an awful lot of impressive features to be witnessed with these wooden timepieces from Hikaro and some that really stand out include the Swiss quartz Ronda movement, sapphire crystal glass casing, genuine leather strap and a custom, engraved stainless steel dial.

We love our watches here at The Coolector and it’s always heartening to see when brands like Hikaro break through with a genuinely stylish offering and Kickstarter is the perfect platform for showcasing just why us men love watches so much. A great looking, high-performing, hand-made watch that ticks all of our style and performance boxes.

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