Atmoph Window 2

Smart tech is something that we typically look to surround ourselves with here at Coolector HQ and the latest object of our affection is this superb looking Atmoph Window 2 which is funding over on Indiegogo as we speak. This stunning bit of tech is billed as the world’s first smart window which has been reborn to deliver the sort of contemporary performance that today’s tech obsessed homeowners will demand.

The Atmoph Window 2 on Indiegogo is available for the amazing price of just £230 during the campaign which is 25% off the final retail price so if you’re on the lookout for a piece of tech to turn heads and ramp up the visual appeal of your workspace or interior design endeavours then this is the one for you. It is a 27-inch smart display in the shape of a window and has over 1000 views of the world in crystal clear 4k video and the entire frame vibrates like a powerful speaker to add to the whole experience of the product.

Smart Tech Essential

There are plenty of great features to the Atmoph Window 2 on Indiegogo that help to set it apart from the competition, not least the fact it has a camera module which will allow you to see your room whilst you’re away. It is compatible with smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home so it is ready and waiting to receive your voice commands to change the images that you’re seeing at any given time during the day.

The Atmoph Window 2 is a great piece of design that will brighten up any home interior or workspace and it can be synced up with Google Calendar in order to display the date and the weather so you know what to expect before you head outside. This clever bit of tech aims to open up a whole new world before your very eyes. With over a thousand videos of beautiful scenery from around the world, complete with audio, you’ll feel as if you’re actually there – whether it be a view from the Space Station or breakfasting in Rome.

From incredible scenery and breathtaking oceans and night scenes, to quaint street corners, you can enjoy these scenes from around the world in 4K ultra-high resolution with the Atmoph Window 2. Together with true-to-life sound, you will feel like you are really there and each looped video lasts around 15 minutes, and only costs around 5 dollars (with ten views installed initially). Every month Atmoph’s dedicated videographers will be shooting new scenes to enjoy, so the choice will only get more expansive over time.

Customisable Design

One of the best features of the Atmoph Window 2 is the fact that it is customisable in nature and you can choose your own frame for the window that best suits your home design aesthetic and, perhaps most crucially, you can also upload your own videos to serve as the backdrop instead of having to rely on those uploaded by Atmoph. You can even join three Atmoph Windows together to make a synced Panorama. A fish can swim along from left to right, a boat can take off from the port from one side, and head out to see on the other.

You will also be able to create live streaming on your Atmoph Window 2 and the fact that you can get your hands on one of these amazing looking pieces of tech for under £250 is the real icing on the cake. They will add a touch of luxury rot any home and can be customised to your own liking using some of your favourite travel memories and adventures.

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