House O

It goes without saying that a tropical location goes a long way to making an architectural project all the more alluring but, quite frankly, you could place House O more or less anywhere in the world and it would still have people picking their jaws from the floor. As it is, House O from the architect, Alexis Dornier, is situated in Ubud in Indonesia and has one of the most breathtaking backdrops imaginable for a residential property.

Finished in 2018, House O from Alexis Dornier boasts some 370m squared of living space which is a substantial amount for the architects and interior designers to play with and the finished product looks nothing short of extraordinary. This magnificent looking home has three bedrooms and belongs to a musician / composer and boasts a 150m squared loft space and the second floor overlooks lush green rice paddies and coconut trees.

Inspired by Sound

As you would perhaps expect for a home owned by a musician and composer, House O takes it design lead from a desire to translate the construct of a single sound wave into an overarching architectural gesture that defines the interior and exterior spatial qualities of the house. As you can see, Alexis Dornier has pulled off this design goal with aplomb and delivered one of the most striking pieces of architecture we’ve seen in a while here at The Coolector. Through the manipulation of the curve of single a line, both in plan and elevation, the property begins to articulate a multi-planar space in which the ground plane and roof scape are directly intertwined.

The beauty of House O from a design point of view is unparalleled and it has the feeling of being inside of an instrument with most inside surfaces being rendered as wood patterned surfaces. The ceiling drops down in equal manner to enhance the acoustics and to indicate the entrance as a grand gesture to all who visit House O. This element adds to the sculpted, interior experience of the property that is free of structural excess and has an industrial look and feel that we’re fans of here at Coolector HQ.

For several months each year, House O is used as an “artist in residence” property and hosts selected artists from across the world for short periods of artistic retreat. The concrete interiors combined with the excellent choice of various woods really make the interiors stand out from the crowd and give it a cooling aesthetic that is crucial in hot climates such as those experienced in Ubud, Indonesia.

Luxurious from Top to Bottom

The finish with House O from the architect Alexis Dornier is about as high end and luxurious as it gets and the interiors have a distinctive 5* hotel vibe to them which must make it an incredibly relaxing place for the musician owner to relax and unwind and, most importantly, be creative and come up with their music.

House O from Alexis Dornier is one of the first architectural projects from Indonesia we’ve featured on the pages of The Coolector and it boasts exactly the sort of interior aesthetics that we aspire for with our own properties. The quality both on the inside and outside is beyond compare and it is one of the most striking and luxurious residential properties you’re likely to see anywhere in 2019 and beyond.

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