Audiowood x Uncrate Barky Turntable

It’s safe to say that the popularity of vinyl shows little sign of abating so many of us will be turning our attention to getting our hands on a new turntable in 2018. If quality craftsmanship and exclusivity are something that you’re seeking for your next vinyl contraption then you’ll be hard pressed to find anything cooler or better suited to these requirements than the Audiowood x Uncrate Barky Turntable.

The Audiowood x Uncrate Barky Turntable is a striking piece of design and craftsmanship made in conjunction between leading men’s gear site, Uncrate, and California based Audiowood, a purveyor or wooden turntables, speakers, and other stereo and AV equipment. The quality of this unique, purpose built offering is second to none and if you love vinyl and are looking for a contemporary, stylish machine to play your records, this would tick all our boxes here at The Coolector.

Spin Me Round

Record players come in many shapes and sizes and will be a highly subjective choice from a style point of view but the unusual and immeasurably striking design of this Audiowood x Uncrate Barky Turntable will be difficult to top. As the name suggests, wood features heavily in the design of this mesmerising construct and the finished design is cut from an Ash tree, with the rings and bark left intact, which makes each Barky turntable a stunning and unique product that will do your vinyl collection justice.

The Audiowood x Uncrate Barky Turntable has many bespoke features that have been included just for this collaboration. This includes the fact they have ebonised the slice of Ash wood used for the base and  finished it off with a polyurethane and paste wax for a highly distinctive, polished look. The turntable itself comes with a hefty glass platter and blackened solid brass spike feet, and this is joined by an award-winning Rega Elys2 cartridge and super high-end Rega RB330 tonearm that delivers acute stability and nearly friction-free movement.

Aesthetically speaking, this turntable is right up there with the best of them and, we’re pleased to report, it also ensures that the performance it offers is unparalleled too. The Audiowood x Uncrate Barky Turntable is extremely straightforward to set up (principally because the cartridge is already aligned and mounted) so you will be able to unbox your Barky and be playing your favourite tunes on vinyl in a matter of minutes.

Striking Visuals

As vinyl is one of the most traditional forms of playing music, we think that a turntable should match this old school aesthetic here at Coolector HQ and the Barky from Audiowood and Uncrate does exactly that. Understated but painfully cool, this brilliantly designed and crafted device really will serve as the perfect means of playing your favourite records and will dovetail perfectly with more or less any contemporary interior design aesthetic.

The Audiowood x Uncrate Barky Turntable might not be cheap, costing around the $2.5k mark, but the quality is abundantly clear and it is ideal for those with a serious vinyl collection. This ace looking product is another top notch collaboration project from Uncrate and one of our favourites to date here at Coolector HQ.

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