The Rolling Huts

We love camping here at Coolector HQ but, if we’re being honest, it’s not always the most comfortable way to spend a night – on the uneven, damp floor with just your tent for protection so there is certainly scope for something the next level up from this from a comfort and aesthetic point of view. Enter Olson Kundig Architects (not their first time featuring on the pages of The Coolector) and their superbly designed The Rolling Huts endeavour – a whole new, design led approach to camping.

The Rolling Huts from Olson Kundig Architects are a small but perfectly formed grouping of six expertly designed and crafted platform structures which can be found, hidden away in the meadows of Washington state’s breathtaking Methow Valley. These eye-catching dwellings are a contemporary take on more conventional style camping and deliver the sorts of luxuries and comforts of a hotel but still let you be at one with nature and provide the same glorious views and peace and quite people go camping for.

Camping Done Right

For us, camping is all about being in the great outdoors and whether you end up sleeping in a tent or in one of these amazing looking Rolling Huts, the important thing is to enjoy the experience of being out in the wild. The Rolling Huts are available to hire for around $145 a night and they boast plenty of cool design features – something we’d expect from the incredibly accomplished, Seattle based architects, Olson Kundig.

The Rolling Huts are really a sight to behold and will make for a welcome vision after a head day trekking through the Methow Valley. Boasting relatively simple materials – as you would expect for a structure made for camping and situated in nature – the Rolling Huts are basically steel clad boxes which sit on a wood and steel platform that hovers above the landscape to ensure that visitors to the site enjoy uninterrupted views of the stunning meadows and jaw-dropping mountains.

Each hut has plenty of the modern conveniences you’d find in hotel rooms within the 200 square foot structure and you’ll also be able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors on your doorstep with the 240 square foot decking area. Access is through double-paned sliding glass doors and the interiors are decidedly minimalist in nature and are lined with raw cork and plywood. The walls within are fitted with a perimeter of windows which makes sure natural light flows in but are positioned to ensure privacy from the other huts on the site.

Comfortable Stay

Whilst obviously not overflowing with mod-cons, The Rolling Huts do have everything you’ll need to enjoy a camping experience and this includes  a small refrigerator, fireplace, wifi, microwave and the all important portable toilet. There is a sleeping platform big enough for two and modular furniture which can be positioned to fit in more guests. There are also full bathrooms and showers which visitors can make use of at the central barn located of the site, situated close by.

If you want to take in one of the most picturesque parts of the world but don’t want to fully commit to tents, roll mats and sleeping bags and would rather have a touch of extra comfort alongside cool design, The Rolling Huts are just the thing for you. Brilliantly designed by Olson Kundig Architects and a great place to relax and unwind all year round, we’re definitely hoping for a stay here at some point in the future.

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