Rapid Whale Mini Boat

There’s a lot to be said for being out on the open water, tootling about and enjoying the peace, quiet and relaxation that can be had from setting sail on a lake or reservoir but, truth be told, few of us have the requisite monies to get out hands on a boat. Well, that used to be the case but now, courtesy of this bonkers but brilliant, Rapid Whale Mini Boat, that might all be about to change and we definitely want to get our hands on one of these awesome looking vessels here at Coolector HQ.

The Rapid Whale Mini Boat is a scaled back version of the, much more expensive, speedboats you’ll see out on the open water and this top notch 6-foot electric boat has certainly captured our attention and got us saving up here at The Coolector. This superb contraption is comically small but a real blast to ride and the Rapid Whale Mini Boat is extremely straightforward to put together with its cable-tie and epoxy construction so you’ll be setting sail in no time.

Boating Brilliance

This amazing little vessel is built to last a lifetime and whilst it is undoubtedly small (big enough for only one and perhaps a pack of your favourite craft beer), it more than makes up for what it lacks in size with what it offers in fun and performance. The Rapid Whale Mini Boat is crafted from precision cut marine-grade plywood and internal bulkheads which deliver excellent floatation even when they’ve become flooded so you’ll hopefully stay dry when setting sail in this glorious machine.

Rapid Whale’s Mini Boat is quite unlike any miniaturised vessel you’re likely to have encountered and the kit comes with everything you need to build one of your own. This includes various 3D printed components, the steering wheel, laser cut marine plywood, the various gaskets required and the steering shaft bearings to ensure a smooth ride out on the open water. This super cool piece of design really will appeal to those who love to build things and live near a body of water where they can take it out for a spin.

Weighing just 30kg and measuring 180cm, this Rapid Whale Mini Boat is small enough to fit in any garage and can be transported in the back of most cars so even if you don’t have your own pond for impromptu sessions on the water, you should be able to drive to your nearest one with your Rapid Whale in tow. Great design means that it will deliver a mighty impressive performance out on the water and we’re in little doubt that many an amateur boating aficionado will be looking to get their hands on one in 2018.

Do It Yourself

The Rapid Whale Mini Boat doesn’t come pre-built so you can experience the satisfaction of building your own vessel and the various customisations that you can add to it yourself will really make it your own. Great materials and a well thought out design combine to make this one impressive, water-worthy construct and one that we’re sure will prove mighty popular amongst watersport lovers out there.

Whilst we’d probably just grab a craft beer or two and head out to the middle of a lake for a booze induced siesta, you can use this cool machine for all sorts of fun occasions and costing just $950 for the kit required to build your own, it doesn’t break the bank either so it’s a real win, win.

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