Aug(de)mented Reality 2

We love a spot of creativity here at Coolector HQ and when said creativity involves awesome illustration then we’re even more sold on the idea and that’s why we’ve fallen outrageously hard for this fantastically creative piece from Hombre_McSteez which is a brilliant, augmented reality piece that superbly intermingles the real world with some great looking illustrations that this talented chap has committed to see-through plastic and filmed in stop-motion to comedic effect.

With his illustrations, McSteez has crafted some genuinely funny interactions with every day real world scenarios such as drinking a cup of coffee, visiting the supermarket and cloud gazing and we’re massive fans of the playful element of his artistic endeavours. If you like your reality with a touch of the comical, this fantastic video clip above will certainly sate this appetite for the week.

In order to create his awesome creations, Hombre_McSteez utilises a unique form of animation that combines the use of his iPhone 5 with traditional animation cells to capture moving imagery that marries together the real world and this illustrated one superbly well. A hugely entertaining series and one that is both innovative and engaging, we can’t help but wish to run into some of the characters McSteez has created in our day to day lives.

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