The Beer Hammer

Now, anyone can open their favourite bottle of craft ale with any old bottle opener but where’s the fun in that? The real action is to be had in opening it like a Norse god and, for that, sir, you will require one of these decidedly awesome looking devices that goes by the name of The Beer Hammer and which is currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter. When you drink more craft beers than would seem wise or possible, as we do here at Coolector HQ, it is inevitable that we will spend a lot of our time looking for spiffing beer related paraphernalia and it was this hunt that led us to the door of The Beer Hammer and it’s out and out excellence.

The work of self-taught carpenter, Luke Brown, The Beer Hammer is billed as the meeting of craftsmanship and design to bring you a bottle opener that is both unique and personal and who are we to argue with that. We’ve seen plenty of bottle openers in our time but not many have left us with a sense of unbridled joy quite as much as this fantastic looking fare and if you want to pass out beer sentences like a judge with wild abandon then this is unquestionably the implement for you. Check out a few more shots of The Beer Hammer below:

beer hammer gif



Having a bottle opener of this obvious awesomeness is a must for us here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure that there will be plenty of craft ale lovers of a similar mindset out there who will want something like this in their lives. The Beer Hammer is available in a number of different finishes including maple, walnut and cedar and the device can be customised with names and various other inscriptions to make it much more personalised and awesome. There is still plenty of time to show your support over on Kickstarter if you’ve fallen for the not inconsiderable charms of The Beer Hammer.

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