August Smart Lock

To be quite honest, the whole process of locking a door with a key seems a little antiquated and it is only a matter of time before a more technologically advanced iteration comes. Well, that time is now and the device in question goes by the name of the August Smart Lock and it has got us at The Coolector mightily impressed and contemplating an install at our headquarters.

The August Smart Lock is, put in simple terms (which we typically favour), a key-less, code-less and entirely secure method of gaining access to your home using your smartphone. The real beauty of the August Smart Lock is the fact you can grant access to others when you’re not there to let them in so, for example, if you’ve a brother coming to stay but you’re stuck at work, you can let them in remotely.

This mightily impressive looking device is the work of famed designer, Yves Béhar, and it boasts an innovative interface that allows you to do away with your clunky house keys once and for all. You install a small device on your front door and download a single app for your smartphone and you’re away. The smartphone app for the August Smart Lock allows you to send “virtual keys” to anyone you need to let in at any given time. You can dictate how long these keys remain active and rescind them at any time so security remains in tact but, as with most things, a video speaks a thousand words so check out the August Smart Lock in action below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]

If you’re wanting to move out of the dark ages of a lock and key front door and embrace something considerably more advanced then the August Smart Lock will be exactly the device for you. It’s a simple premise but requires some impressive gadgetry going on beneath the surface and that’s exactly the sort of thing that is up our street at Coolector HQ. The August Smart Lock is available for pre-order and should be available later this year.

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