Foosball Bottle Opener

With the football World Cup in Brazil literally right around the corner now, excitement here at Coolector HQ is pretty high given our love of the beautiful game. This love is currently manifesting itself in the form of us looking for football based awesomeness to fill our headquarters with and the latest apple of our eye is this decidedly spiffing Foosball Bottle Opener from Doiy Design which will be the perfect implement for cracking open the craft ales when the action kicks off on June 12th.

We drink plenty of beer here at Coolector HQ and we definitely need a quirky implement for unleashing these beers and with a lifelong affinity for football, we can think of few better than this top class Foosball Bottle Opener. It boasts a retro aesthetic that we favour and is crafted using the figurines from a classic foosball table. Check out a couple of shots of this top notch bottle opener below:

foosball-bottle-opener foosball-bottle-opener (3)

Whilst this isn’t a bit of gear that is going to completely revolutionise anyone’s life but if you love football and beer like us then it will blatantly be one of your greatest allies when the World Cup rolls around in a month’s time.

Available: Doiy Design

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