Autodromo Intereuropa Watch in Nassau Blue

The Intereuropa collection from Autodromo was one of our favourite releases from the watchmaker to date so we were understandably delighted when they announced a new colourway for the range – especially when it is as striking as this one in Nassau Blue. The watch takes its name from the Coppa Intereuropa race for sporting coupes which was held at Monza from 1949-1964 as a support race for the Italian Grand Prix.

The world of Autodromo is the creative vision of founder Bradley Price, who is an industrial designer who set out to create unique products that express the spirit of motorsport. Their watches draw design inspiration from a golden age of motoring, when driving required style, panache, and perhaps a little bit of danger and this is something which certainly shines through in the Autodromo Intereuropa Watch in Nassau Blue. Available for $1250, this timepiece is a great entry level luxury watch for adding a touch of old school cool to your wrist.

Marvellous Motoring Aesthetic

Exceptional looking, alloy-bodied berlinettas by the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia were driven by gentleman drivers at the Coppa Intereuropa and it is these vehicles that serve as the design inspiration for this spectacular timepiece. These custom built sporting berlinettas were designed to be competitive on the race track, while sophisticated and luxurious on the open road.

This dual purpose sporting elegance forms the inspiration for this first class Autodromo Intereuropa Watch in Nassau Blue ($1250) and we’re loving the old school vibes that it positively exudes. A Swiss Made ETA 7001 manual wind movement is the beating heart of this watch and found beneath the multi-layered dial, which boasts a K1 glass chapter ring with 3D numbering inspired by 1950s gauges.

Each one of these watches comes with a Saffiano leather rally strap which expertly adds to the motoring vibe. Saffiano leather was originally patented by Prada in 1913 in order to craft scratch-resistant calf leather for luggage. It finds use here as a luxurious material that will wear well in sporting context but is just as dressy for more formal occasions. Each leather strap is hand crafted in Rome, Italy, to exacting standards to ensure its quality.

Quality Presentation

The Intereuropa Watch is delivered in a luxurious presentation box crafted from lacquered wood polished to an automotive shine, and adorned with a cloisonné badge. The steering wheel shaped design takes its aesthetic inspiration from badges made in the 1950s by various racing clubs that popped up all over Italy in the car-crazy post war years.

A collectible poster designed by Autodromo for the 1957 Coppa Intereuropa also comes included with the purchase. Considering the excellent materials, components and top notch visuals of this watch, the $1250 price tag is a mighty fair one and for anyone with a love of the golden age or racing, this watch is a must.

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