Awol x Poler Bike

We like to cycle from time to time here at Coolector HQ and, for that reason, we often cast envious glances in the direction of bicycles that look a good deal more spiffing than our own current steed and that leads us nicely onto a new collaboration between brands that goes by the name of the Awol x Poler Bike.

Poler are by no means newcomers to the pages of The Coolector but Awol bikes are and it’s a mightily impressive debut in the form of this stunning looking bike that will keep fans of the Poler brand happy and we’ve been bowled over by the visual appeal and functional capabilities of this superb looking machine. The Awol x Poler Bike is unquestionably built with adventure in mind and practically dares you to take it on excursions that will test it to the limit.

The Awol x Poler Bike is crafted from lightweight carbon fibre and has been put through its paces in a highly photogenic trail through Oregon to showcase just how versatile and rugged a contraption it is and you can see some of these stunning images and a few more shots of the top notch Awol x Poler Bike below:







As you an see, the Awol x Poler Bike is one photogenic beast indeed and adds to Poler’s already awesome stable of outdoor goods. The brand are famed for their camping supplies and other assorted accessories for the great outdoors – many of which you can see appended to the frame of the Awol x Poler Bike – and if you’re after a reliable, stylish and painfully cool bicycle in 2015, you can stop your search now.

Price: $2000

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