Sam Larson Sticker Packs

Though we are, almost certainly, too old to be interested in stickers here at Coolector HQ, there are certain caveats to this and, it’s fair to say, the amazing illustrative talents of Sam Larson are one such disclaimer that allows us to celebrate stickers in all their awesomeness and his latest series of artwork committed to sticker form are definitely amongst our favourites.

Sam Larson has featured on the pages of The Coolector before and he is an artistic talent that we keep our beady eye on for sure and his latest collection of stickers (and indeed associated apparel and other artwork) has, somewhat inevitably, left us thoroughly impressed. Larson’s love of nature and the great outdoors shines through in all his creations and this rings true with the sticker packs that he is peddling in his first class little store.

We love the distinctive aesthetic and typography that Larson deploys in his artwork and if you’re looking for something to brighten up your workspace then these cracking sticker sets will likely be just the ticket. Take a look at a few of our favourites from Larson below:




The design of Larson’s impeccable series of stickers is certainly to our stylistic liking at The Coolector and we’re massively in awe of the talented fellow’s nature inspired series of artwork. If you’ve also fallen for the not inconsiderable charms of Larson’s sticker packs, they’re all set to start shipping tomorrow.

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