Azio Retro Classic Keyboard

We’re pretty serious about our workspace here at Coolector HQ and know only too well that the things you choose to fill your desk area will have a big bearing on your capacity for creativity and productivity. If you’ve got a distinct penchant and leaning towards the vintage aesthetic for your workspace, there is an Indiegogo campaign that very much needs to come into your purview in the shape of the Azio Retro Classic Keyboard (and assorted accessories) which will class up proceedings during your daily working life no end.

The Azio Retro Classic Keyboard on Indiegogo is a nostalgic mechanical keyboard and mouse which has been cleverly conceived and wonderfully well designed to make it tailor made for the contemporary lifestyle. This fantastic accessory from Azio will unquestionably appeal to those creative types that want to cultivate a vintage vibe in their workspace and it has already taken Indiegogo by storm, far surpassing its funding target with over a month left – something which is testament to how much people want awesome tech accessories like this in their workspace.

Old School Cool

The overriding objective of Azio with their awesome looking Retro Classic Keyboard and Mouse is to create a timeless design that blurs the line between modern and retro, form and function and, as you can see, it’s mission well and truly accomplished. It strikes an impeccable balance between these elements that adds such a vintage appeal to any workspace whilst also providing a mighty functional and striking piece of tech to boot.

Classiness personified, the Azio Retro Classic Keyboard boasts genuine leather and wood surfaces for a tangible sense of quality to the touch. This is joined by backlit mechanical keys, Bluetooth and USB interfaces and this superb keyboard will work effortlessly on PC, Mac, iPad and Android. The mouse that forms part of this Indiegogo campaign is just as dapper and also has a genuine leather surface alongside an ambidextrous design and two sets of interchangeable top covers.

During the Indiegogo campaign, the Azio Retro Classic Keyboard is available in four different colour styles – namely, Gunmetal Black, Posh White, Artisan Copper and Walnut Elwood – and prices start at just $130 for the keyboard, $64 for the mouse and $215 for a whole set including a mouse mat. Offering a real, premium computing experience, these spectacular keyboards from Azio aims to make it a focal point and the stand out accessory in your workspace and it achieves this through high-quality materials, a timeless appearance and intuitive usability.

Great Features

Boasting a first class battery life, the Azio Retro Classic Keyboard has a built-in is a high-capacity 5,000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This means that when the backlight off, usage time is a might impressive 9 months or so. With the backlight on, this will go down to 1 to 2 months depending on backlight intensity and usage frequency. The keyboard comes with two sets of interchangeable feet with different heights are included to enhance the ergonomics of your typing position.

Available in an array of different styles and materials, this awesome Indiegogo campaign from Azio is going to resonate with all retro and tech enthusiasts out there and the capacity to complete your workspace set-up for just $215 is the real icing on the cake. We love these breathtaking keyboards here at Coolector HQ and we’ll definitely be looking to make one of these vintage masterpieces the focal point of our own workspace sooner rather than later.

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