B-9 NH Black Edition Bicycle

If stealth is something that you demand of your vehicles then you may just want to sit up and take notice of a rather magnificent looking steed that goes by the name of the B-9 NH Black Edition Bicycle and it boasts an aesthetic so painfully cool that it’s hard to think of many better iterations out there.

Inspired by the famous F-117 Nighthawk aircraft, the B-9 NH Black Edition Bicycle boasts a carbon fibre frame and if you’re after a bike that will turn heads aplenty and not let you down from a functionality point of view then this is surely it.

With a resilience that is second to none and a striking matte black finish that is sure to appeal to plenty of chaps out there, the B-9 NH Black Edition Bicycle is definitely our sort of steed here at Coolector HQ. Take a look at a few more shots of this impressive construct below:









Available for pre-order B-9 NH Black Edition Bicycle is a superbly, hand-crafted machine that really does set the bar high for bike construction and only 100 are pencilled in to be made available so if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, then you need to move quickly and get your name down for a pre-order.

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