BackCountry Navigator XE Outdoor GPS

Autumn is the perfect time of year for adventure and there are so many amazing places to explore when heading out into the wild but, for many, a lack of phone signal offer puts them off going into the remoter areas but courtesy of this excellent bit of kit that goes by the name of the BackCountry Navigator XE Outdoor GPS, this needn’t be a concern any longer for would be adventurers.

The Backcountry Navigator XE Outdoor GPS makes cell coverage concerns a thing of the past and lets you navigate your outdoor adventures through your smartphone. So, whether you’re hiking, climbing, kayaking or anything in between, having this clever bit of kit on your phone is a must when you find yourself in those more remote locales. Funding on Kickstarter as we speak (and sailing past its target we might add) it is clear to see there are plenty of wilderness wanderers desperate to get their hands on such a functional piece of technology for their smartphones.

Into the Wild

The brainchild of Nathan Mellor, the BackCountry Navigator XE Outdoors GPS is a first class wilderness mapping app that will have you enjoying all that mother nature has to offer without worrying about venturing into areas with sketchy or no cell phone coverage. This excellent bit of tech, which has taken Kickstarter by storm, aims to make outdoor navigation easy and accessible to anyone with a smartphone and it does this by offering a huge selection of maps for exploring the wilderness.

It is extremely easy to make use of the BackCountry Navigator XE Outdoor GPS and it boasts topo maps, marine charts, aerial photography and much more besides to ensure you’ll always get to where you’re going to regardless of whether you’ve got signal on your smartphone. There is an impressive amount of overlay options with this latest iteration of the BackCountry app and you’ll be able to overlay BLM Boundary maps, property maps, lake map contours, trail maps, speciality data and more. Which means whatever the adventure you’ve got planned, the app has got you covered.

The BackCountry Navigator XE Outdoors GPS app has planning in the cloud capabilities which means you can plan your treks, and upload tracks and waypoints to really make your adventures your own and get them properly planned on the web before you set off. Each of your adventure plans will synchronise with your mobile device so you can tackle the great outdoors with consummate ease.

Freedom From Signal

It’s almost like losing a limb for many when their smartphone doesn’t have any signal but with the BackCountry Navigator XE Outdoors GPS, you can experience all the thrills of the great outdoors without the concerns that come from having no cell coverage. The app uses the same hardware that’s been used by the military and handheld GPS devices for decades now. All you need do is download the maps you set off on your adventure and your phone’s GPS will handle the location tracking.

So, if you’ve got autumn adventures aplenty planned and want to make sure that you’re always knowing where you’re going, this fantastic app funding over on Kickstarter is going to be an essential addition to your smartphone. Intuitive and highly customisable to your own requirements, this is a must for any would be adventurers and nature lovers out there.

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