Cape Tribulation House

There are certain settings for architecture that really do have to be seen to be believed and we think you’re going to struggle to find a residential property more uniquely situated than this, quite frankly, extraordinary structure that goes by the name of the Cape Tribulation House and which is the handiwork of M3 Architects.

The Cape Tribulation House is located mere footsteps away from the Great Barrier Reef and if there can be any better spot to live, we can’t think of it here at Coolector HQ. This phenomenal piece of design needed to be sympathetic to its breathtaking surroundings and this is something that M3 Architects were able to achieve through clever design principles and choices of materials.

Off The Grid Living

Located in the Daintree Rainforest, the Cape Tribulation House is just set back from the beach and is 0ff-the-grid living at its finest. This first class piece of design is set in the heart of an ancient eco-system so it was imperative that a thoughtful approach was taken to the design so as not to adversely impact upon it. M3 Architects really went the extra mile with the Cape Tribulation House to ensure it dovetailed perfectly with its surroundings and they made many sustainable design choices throughout to really make sure it did the out of this world location proud.

The Cape Tribulation House by M3 Architects is positioned in a natural clearing within the Daintree Rainforest and the exterior of the property is camouflaged with black plastic cladding and mirrored glass which lets it to recede into the shadow of the rainforest canopy and not stand out like a sore thumb – something that would have been easy to do in such a verdant setting. This amazing design has an understated interior design approach which is clad with plywood and opens out to the spectacular rainforest surrounds.

It was important to really capitalise on the property’s location and it does so through engaging the canopy through tall south-facing windows which really makes you appreciate the Rainforest surroundings of the Cape Tribulation House. Boasting natural ventilation (with the assistance of some ceiling fans), this home is filled with appliances and fixtures which are energy efficient which is important given the off-the-grid nature of the property.

Relax in Luxury

Such an exceptional location for a home demands a touch of luxury and relaxation in its design and the Cape Tribulation House definitely delivers in both these departments. Chock full of striking aesthetics and design features this imaginatively designed home really does have to be seen to be believed and the Cape Tribulation House has a path with a continuous white rope which orientates and leads the way through the landscape and house. It acts as a gate, balustrade, towel rail, lamp shade and support for a hammock throughout the home.

Relaxed living space with an almost camp site style vibe is the order of the day with the Cape Tribulation House from M3 Architects and it does a phenomenal job of coupling the tropical characteristics of the rainforest with all the essentials of holiday life at the beach. A real show-stopping piece of architecture and one that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ.

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