Backyard Customs Yamaha Scorpio 225 Motorbike

There are definitely no shortage of options to pick from when it comes to motorbikes but, if you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you’ll love those steeds that have a touch of the vintage to them and that’s why we’ve fallen mighty hard for this incredible looking Backyard Customs Yamaha Scorpio 225.

Indonesia is a veritable hotbed of amazing motorcycle workshops and that’s where Backyard Customs herald from, Bali to be precise, and this supremely stylish Yamaha Scorpio 225 custom build is a fine showcase of their not insignificant talents. Bali’s surging custom motorcycle community is driven by a strong demand for bikes that are both practical and unique. The country’s mixture of sealed roads and unpaved tracks means that the most useful motorcycle is something with dual sport capabilities and that’s what we’ve got on our hands here.

Old School Cool

Motorcycles like the Yamaha Scorpio 225 make the ideal donor bikes for new custom builds, because there are literally hundreds of thousands of them around Indonesia and local mechanics know them like the back of their hands. The Scorpio 225 has the added benefit of also being lightweight and well-suited to some moderate off road use.

The Backyard Customs Yamaha Scorpio 225 looks like the sort of steed that Steve McQueen would be at home on and we’re loving it’s colourway and vintage vibes here at Coolector HQ. Backyard Customs were commissioned to craft this new bike into a scrambler, and were influenced by one of the greatest mountain climbers of all time – Tenzing Norgay – the Nepalese man who first summited Mount Everest alongside Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand.

As with the majority of custom motorcycle builds, this one from Backyard Customs started with a full teardown before a plan was conceived for the completed motorcycle. The rear subframe was cropped and a new pair of matching alloy fenders were put together, alongside a new leather seat, a custom rear light cluster, new side covers, and an alloy sump guard.

Complete Overhaul

For this brilliant looking build, new suspension was added front and rear with a new monoshock unit in the back and a new pair of Yamaha forks up front – the suspension was changed in order to lift the bike slightly and provide extra ground clearance for trail rides. Spoked 18″ front and 17″ rear wheels were also added, wrapped with dual sport Shinko tires, and a new single exhaust was added with a heat shield to protect the rider’s thigh.

To finish off this immaculate build, Backyard Customs added a new pair of braced handlebars over a low profile head light and indicators that match the units on the rear end. Before fitting all alloy parts were sandblasted to give them a consistent aesthetic that’ll weather the elements, and a striking and stylish British racing green was chosen for the fuel tank.

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