Balance Bookshelf

They say that interior design is all about finding the right balance but not many people take this advice literally. Well, we here at The Coolector are nothing if not literal so we’ve got our beady eyes on one of these awesome Balance Bookshelves for our HQ on which to store our, admittedly and upsettingly, minimal selection of books.

This excellently designed piece is the work of Brooklyn based, Cush Design Studio, and safe to say it’s eye-catching design has certainly grabbed our attention. They offer a whole array of hand-crafted furniture and various other interior design bits and bobs but, I think it’s fair to say, their exceptionally crafted Balance Bookshelf is the clear front-runner as The Coolector’s favourite.

Made from a whole host of materials, including wood, pipe, twine and, in the words of its creators, magic, the Balance Bookshelf has all the makings of a minimalist classic and it’s already won us over here at The Coolector. The creators of the shelving unit suggest keeping read books on one side and unread on the other which, if nothing else, will shame you into reading more books. Check out this visually impressive piece of interior design below:


If you fancy adding this expert piece of minimalism to your own property, you can find the Balance Bookshelf over at Etsy.

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