New Balance Real Ale Sneakers

We’ve not exactly hidden the fact that we love our craft beers here at Coolector HQ and though we’re not quite as vocal about our footwear preferences, it has probably come across that New Balance tick a lot of our boxes so we were delighted to discover their latest collection – the New Balance Real Ale series of sneakers.

Though New Balance is an American brand, of course, this Real Ale collection is crafted in England, in their Cumbria factory, so it definitely has an authentic ale background which is sure to appeal. With three styles to choose from, each named after a suitably authentic sounding yet fictitious ale, this new series of Real Ale footwear from New Balance could scarcely be more up our street at The Coolector.

For fans of real ale and, indeed, the awesome footwear of New Balance, there can be few better unions than this and you can check out each of the three “Ales” from the collection below:





We’ve always got a soft spot for New Balance sneakers at the best of times so when you throw a craft ale or two into the mix, we were always going to be thoroughly impressed. There’s a great aesthetic and the trademark comfort to be had with the added element of the beer angle which is unquestionably going to appeal to a lot of beer loving sneaker fiends out there.

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