Vipp Shelter

Having somewhere to retreat and reflect is the dream for most modern homeowners and whilst most of us won’t have the space and / or the money to invest heavily in some outdoor structures, for those that do, there is awesomeness out there like the Vipp Shelter.

The Vipp Shelter has been born from over a quarter of a century of experience in steel fabrication and the end result is a highly functional, painfully stylish outdoor space that can add a real level of versatility to your lifestyle. This cracking construct is, in essence, crafted from a simple steel grid and is built over two levels where the bedroom and bathroom are kept separate from the wonderfully open living space.

Whilst a lot of the charm with the Vipp Shelter comes from how expertly it is decorated, it is definitely a highly impressive structure that we’ve fallen for aesthetically speaking here at Coolector HQ. Take a look at a few more shots below:







Sleekly designed and effortlessly cool, the Vipp Shelter has the capacity to be a retreat or an actual dwelling as it comes with bedroom / bathroom and kitchen facilities. We’re massively impressed with how its been designed and the level of functionality it provides and if you’re in the market for a whole new way of living, the Vipp Shelter might just be it.

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