New Balance x Stance Socks

We love sneakers here at Coolector HQ and, as is probably apparent given the frequency we post about them, a particular penchant for New Balance. That being said, sneakers are only one half of the story and in order to maximise their awesomeness, you need the right pair of socks too and that’s where this brilliant New Balance x Stance Socks collaboration comes into play.

The exclusive New Balance x Stance Socks capsule is sure to appeal to those sneaker lovers with a love of great accessories to go alongside their footwear. New Balance need little introduction, truth be told, but Stance Socks had flew under our radar here at Coolector HQ until now but that’s all changed courtesy of this excellent tie up with one of our favourite footwear purveyors and the end result is some cracking new footwear and superb looking socks.

Sock it to ’em

We don’t exactly need an incentive to get our hands on a pair of New Balance sneakers but this collaboration has definitely had the desired effect on us here at Coolector HQ and we’re loving the aesthetics of both the footwear and the socks in this New Balance x Stance collaboration.

Whilst 2500 miles may separate the headquarters of Stance in San Clemente from those of New Balance in Boston Massachusetts, there are a lot of shared design and craftsmanship ideals that binds the two brands together – most notably, their obsession with superior fit, impeccable quality and products that have been crafted in the good US of A. The New Balance x Stance Socks collaboration is a fusion of surf culture and city life that delivers the ultimate sock/shoe pairing and we’re loving both elements of the project here at The Coolector.

Whenever New Balance have a new collaboration in the works we always sit up and take notice and this meeting of minds with Stance Socks is one of our favourites to date here at Coolector HQ. The New Balance x Stance Socks tie up features three different options but it is the 997 sneakers in copper rose and tan colour palette, which is accentuated with a cobblestone patterned deboss on the leather accents that we’ve fallen for. In addition, there is a teal reflective underlay that reflects the patina copper often found on the cities brownstones. The collection comes complete with matching Stance socks with stripes and multicolored speckles for the ultimate sneaker and sock combo.

Style and Substance

The aesthetics of New Balance footwear is always pretty much to our liking here at The Coolector and when you throw in the great-looking Stance socks into the mix, you know you’re onto a real winner. The New Balance x Stance Socks collaboration boasts ENCAP® midsole technology provides support and maximum durability, a debris-free construction which eliminates waste, preserving raw materials and providing an environmentally preferred manufacturing solution and ustom co-branded shoe insert, and laces.

We’re big advocates of New Balance at The Coolector but Stance Socks can now count themselves amongst our favourite brands as a result of this cracking collaboration and if you’re in the market for some excellent looking, immeasurably comfortable sneakers and socks over the next few months, these would definitely be our pick.

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