EhoEho One High Desk

One’s workspace is invariably a reflection of their mindset and those operating within the creative industries will ordinarily opt for a design a little out of the ordinary and over-flowing with eye-catching aesthetics. Well, that’s exactly what you get with this One High Desk from EhoEho, a studio, a shop, and a think tank that focuses on the process of breaking design down to its fundamental essence.

The One High Desk is one example of a number of bespoke furniture creations from EhoEho and for those who like their workspace to stand out from the crowd a little, it boasts the sort of visual impact, not to mention functionality, that is sure to appeal. Wonderfully well conceived and crafted, the One High Desk is exactly the sort of workstation we aspire to here at Coolector HQ.

Workspace Wonder

Desks are one piece of furniture that we’ve got a particular penchant for here at The Coolector and forever find ourselves on the hunt for new, awesome looking ones to enjoy. This is a process that led us firmly to the door of design studio EhoEho and their amazing looking One High Desk which, as you can see, has an eye-catching structure that will really set it apart from the competition in the forefront of your thinking when it comes to plumping for a new workspace.

Billed as an elegant twist of the One-Two table with metal hair pin style legs, live edge hardwood and a singular off-center dropped box, the EhoEho One High Desk delivers both aesthetically and in terms of the workspace performance you’ll demand from your choice of desk. This amazing looking piece of designer furniture from American design studio EhoEho is made from great materials and has a clever visual component which also adds to the desk’s overall level of functionality.

A wonderfully minimalist offering, perfectly suited to those who demand an uncluttered workspace, the One High Desk will give you exactly the sort of surface area you need for a laptop or desktop computer and additional storage options in the undulating pattern of the desk’s design. We’re loving the unparalleled aesthetic appeal of the One High Desk here at Coolector HQ and would definitely be more productive with a workspace as well crafted as this.

Understated All The Way

If, like a lot of contemporary homes today, minimalist is the aesthetic that you’re going for with your interior design endeavours, the One High Desk from EhoEho will unquestionably fit the bill. Sleek in design with an eye-catching choice of materials, it offers the sort of impact visually that will make it the ideal solution to your home workspace needs.

EhoEho are a design studio that hitherto hadn’t been on our radar at The Coolector but now we’ve come across this magnificent One High Desk (and seen the other pieces they already have to offer), we can’t wait to see what else they’ve got in store for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

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