Balolo PS4 Cover

As a PS4 owner here at Coolector Towers, we were already rather impressed with the visual appeal of our device but after stumbling across the Balolo Wooden PS4 Cover, we’ve been left feeling envious and want to give our console a new spring jacket.

Balolo Wooden PS4 Covers are, according to its creators, the world’s first and only genuine wood cover for your Playstation 4 and we’re thoroughly impressed with the stunning aesthetic that they have managed to accomplish with their eye-catching design. The Balolo covers consist of two different wood finishes which can be mixed and matched to your liking and the available finishes include bamboo, walnut and cherry and, when applied to your PS4, you’ll instantly ramp up the suaveness of your device.




These spiffing covers are hand crafted in Germany so their impeccable precision shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise and we here at The Coolector are certainly planning to add one of their exceptionally made covers to our PS4 as soon as possible. Balolo also offer wood covers for a multitude of other devices as you would expect but it is their PS4 offering which has caught our eye the most at The Coolector. Kudos, chaps.

Price: €149

Available: Balolo

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