Layar Augmented Reality


We’re waiting for the day when our day to day lives are like Minority Report and we can interact with everything around us in an intuitive and informative way and this dawn may have move a small step closer courtesy of a clever little app that goes by the name of Layar Augmented Reality.

Layar is an app for Google Glass that looks set to make the search giant’s eyewear all the more awesome. It provides an augmented reality for print products and services and with a mere “OK, Glass, scan this…” you’ll be presented with all manner of details about the thing you’ve asked your Glass to scan. For example, if you’re walking past a movie poster, you can ask Glass to scan and Layar will provide a trailer for the film which, in the eyes of The Coolector is pretty cool, safe to say.


The aim of Layar is to provide a much more immersive world whereby we can interact and engage with the various forms of advertising that we are bombarded with on a daily basis and it does look to be a genuinely worthwhile addition to Google Glass and not just a fad. Check out the video below for a bit more info about how Layar operates:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”400″][/youtube]

We’ve yet to use Google Glass here at Coolector HQ but I think it might be prudent to wait for this sort of awesome accompaniment to help improve the experience and we hope that Google Glass become more affordable and great looking apps like this help compliment the experience get made.

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