Bandit9 EDEN Motorcycle

When one thinks of a road-trip, there are typically only two types of machine that pass muster in our opinion – a sweet looking convertible and an awesome motorcycle. Well, it’s the latter that we’re dealing with here in the form of the rather glorious looking Bandit9 EDEN Motorcycle.


If limited edition items are you’re thing, then the Bandit9 EDEN Motorcycle will be right up your street because there are only nine of these impressive looking steeds being made so, if you manage to get your hands on one, you’ll be in good and limited company. Sleekly designed using the best materials, this is one machine that is going to look the part for any lover of the open road.

Stick ’em up

The Bandit9 EDEN Motorcycle is the pinnacle of aesthetic excellence and boasts the sort of power and performance that any motorbike aficionado will demand from their machine. Available in both gold and chrome, this is no shrinking violet it’s fair to say and is the perfect steed for those looking to make their mark and stand out from the crowd a little. With a Honda Supersport 125cc engine, the EDEN from Bandit9 will definitely get you where you’re going and the handcrafted, steel unibody really is a sight to behold.



There are all sorts of cool little features that are to be found with the Bandit9 EDEN Motorcycle and coupled with the fact that it is such a limited edition machine with only a handful being made available to purchase, it goes without saying that demand is going to be pretty high. Just a few of the more stand out design features of this cracking runaround include the likes of a black marble gas cap, cognac brown leather seats and a titan headlight with a striking gold trim.


Awash with the great visual features, it’s important that the EDEN performs as well and this isn’t an issue courtesy of the dual-shock rear suspension, integrated LED brake lights and sculptured exhaust which all come together to provide a machine that not only performs miraculously but also looks incredible.

Sleek Lines

The aesthetics of the EDEN from Bandit9 immediately leap out at you and it’s quite a futuristic looking machine truth be told and whilst some may prefer a more retro looking bike, this one is very much to our liking here at Coolector HQ. With a visual impact delivered by the chrome or gold finishes and impressive specifications going on under the hood, it’s likely that these great looking machines from Bandit9 are going to positively fly off the shelves.



If you’re looking for a new motorbike and want to be on one of the most unique and limited edition offerings out there, the EDEN from Bandit9 has to be a chief consideration. Clocking in at under $13k, it’s not overly expensive as motorbikes go – particularly considering the specifications, design, aesthetics and limited edition nature of the contraption – and we’ve been well and truly won over here at Coolector HQ.

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