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With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s fair to say a lot of men are going to wind up with cologne boxsets of brands that are generic and they may not care for but this needn’t be the case if you get in there early with your gift list and request one that actually looks and smells great. We’re talking about the latest offering from Coolector HQ favourites, Misc Goods Co, in the form of their Underhill Cologne which is much more interesting and striking than the regular fare you get to keep yourself smelling good.

Misc Goods Co are purveyors of all manner of fantastic accessories and everyday carry that men will appreciate and their cologne is, typically for the brand, equally as well crafted and presented and we’re certainly impressed with its class here at Coolector HQ.

Fix Up, Look Sharp

With a scent which is inspired by travelling in nature and the delightful smells which are to be found in the great outdoors, the Underhill Cologne from the chaps at Misc Goods Co is perfectly suited to those men with a love of the wilderness and adventure. It is crafted from a combination of 14 ingredients, the deep, luxurious scent is the sort of thing that Ron Burgundy would undoubtedly approve of.



Taking in aromas of wild herbs such as Rosemary and Athelas, combine with considerably more rustic and bold scents like leather, pipe tobacco, an array of wood species, open air and, perhaps most favourably in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, the unmistakeable and magnificent scent of freshly poured craft beer.

We’re not hugely into our colognes to be honest but when they’re as wonderfully well crafted and interesting as the Underhill from Misc Goods Co it’s difficult not to sit up and take notice and for those looking for an impactful, whilst at the same time subtle, aroma for the winter months ahead, you’ve probably just found the ideal candidate.

Smells Like Teen Sp….Pipe Tobacco

Whilst the rustic smells of the Underhill Cologne from Misc Goods Co might not be to every man’s tastes, we’re sure that there are an awful lot of men out there that will favour a outdoorsy, woody scent that Ron Swanson would give his nod of approval to and that’s why we’re loving this scent so much here at Coolector HQ.


It’s not just the cologne that warrants a mention here, the packaging in which it is delivered is equally as awesome. The metal cologne insert holds .22oz, can easily be replaced when it runs out and boasts both bees wax and jojoba oil. The wooden part of the packaging is 2.1 x 2.9 x .67 inches and is crafted from ox horn and cherry wood for that extra touch of class. It’s held together by two sets of magnets and laser engraving. The perfect piece of EDC for men who like to smell good and wilderness ready.

Price: $60

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