Bandit9 The Supermarine

When it comes to out of the ordinary two-wheeled contraptions, no one does it better than the guys at Vietnam based workshop, Bandit9, and so it has proven once again with the, quite frankly extraordinary, The Supermarine Motorbike. This sensational looking steed is probably the most futuristic looking bike you can imagine and it boasts a raft of unbelievable feature which will help to set it apart from the crowd – the most obvious of which is the aerospace frame which is a work of art and a feat of engineering.

The lightweight chassis of the Bandit 9 The Supermarine Motorbike was developed from the ground up by the workshop’s in-house aerospace, robotics and mechatronics engineers and it has been built to withstand enormous forces, and look good whilst doing it. More typically seen in missiles, spacecraft, and other defence applications, the chassis of this bike uses 7075 aluminium, which has unparalleled mechanical properties: high strength, toughness, and first class resistance to fatigue.


The materials used during the crafting of The Supermarine Motorbike from Bandit9 is made for the stars. The design, on the other hand, was inspired by the Deep Blue Sea. The body borrows its curves from leaping Mobula Rays, while the frame takes its design inspiration from coral reefs. With this release from Bandit 9, you can choose between the Supermarine Stealth Class with Race-spec ABS or upgrade to Carbon Class if you want to shave even more off your lap time.

Unbelievable performance backs up the out of the world aesthetics of the Bandit9 The Supermarine Motorbike and it is chock full of top notch features which will turn heads everywhere you go. The modern Triumph Twin Engine is a British workhorse with sophisticated tuning that makes the Supermarine suited for both the Salt Flats and Savile Row. In other words, it’s a bare-knuckle boxer in an English suit. The Supermarine comes standard with 900cc, but this is upgradable to 1200cc.

Manipulating the aerodynamics of this bike was the key to unlocking its speed. Again inspired by the Mobula Ray, the Supermarine’s air-slick body maximises air flow on the straights and downforce on the bends. More traction also means more control, and more control leads to confident riding wherever your adventures take you. The Supermarine comes standard with the biggest names in performance racing. Keep your tires on the ground with Nitrons or upgrade to Ohlins. A truly breathtaking creation and our favourite to date from the talented team at Bandit9.

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