LEGO Titanic

If you’re going to spend over $600 on some LEGO, you might as well push the boat out. What an excellent pun and transition into introducing the amazing looking LEGO Titanic. This behemoth set from the Danish toymaker will be available to buy soon and will retail at a bonkers $629.99 so it will only really appeal to the hardcore LEGO aficionados and Titanic buffs out there but, safe to say, it’s hard not to be impressed with the sheer attention to detail that has gone into this release.

The LEGO Titanic ($629.99) is, as you might expect with the price tag, targeted at adults and those who are serious about their model building and this extraordinary looking set has in excess of 10,000 pieces so don’t expect to be done in a night with this one. The Titanic is one of the most iconic stories of our times and it has been faithfully recreated in eye-catching detail with this magnificent release from LEGO that will test your building skills but give you a real focal point for your home or office when you do put in the final LEGO brick.


The Titanic is a story that we all know and it is such an engaging and enlightening piece of modern history so it stands to reason that LEGO wanted to celebrate its memory with this fantastic set that boasts such an impressive level of detail both inside and out. This, as you might have suspected already, is the largest single LEGO set ever created and it measures well over a metre in length when completed so, if you want to put it proudly on display, you’re going to need a space big enough to accommodate its gargantuan size.

This LEGO Titanic Set ($629.99) provides authentically detailed views of the whole ship and divides into three sections to showcase the impressive interiors of this ill-fated vessel. The cross-section of this set from LEGO is nothing short of remarkable and you can view the grand staircase, boiler room, smoking lounge and many more of the Titanic’s most iconic rooms and spaces. With this infinitely impressive set you can construct the ship’s bridge, promenade deck and swimming pool in all its glory and you’ll be mesmerised by the finished product.

There are even moving parts to the LEGO Titanic Set and you can see the ship in action by turning the propellers to watch the piston engines turn inside. It is a working model and you can raise the anchor and adjust tension line between masts and each set includes a stand and name plate for a truly legendary display. If you’ve a love of intricate (and expensive) LEGO sets, you’ll be in your absolute element with this Titanic release from the Danish toy brand and the sense of satisfaction from completing it will be tangible.

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