Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 Speakers

When you think of brands that are considered reassuringly expensive, one of the first to spring to mind in the tech sphere is undoubtedly that of Bang & Olufsen and they’ve very much lived up to that reputation once again with these superb looking but wallet offending BeoLab 50 Speakers.

Clocking in at around $40,000, these BeoLab 50 Speakers from Bang & Olufsen are certainly crafted with a certain demographic in mind but they boast an unmistakable and impressive level of quality that justifies their loftiest of lofty price tags. If you’ve got deep pockets and demand nothing but the best, the BeoLab 50 Speakers will be right up your street and the minute they whir into life, you’ll be blown away by the sound quality that they are capable of producing.

Eye-Opening Technolohy

Billed as being the ‘future of sound’, the BeoLab 50 Speakers from Bang & Olufsen don’t do things by halves and there is an awful lot of quality in evidence throughout their design and crafting. These first rate speakers let you experience sound like never before and are the ultimate in loudspeaker technology for music and movie experiences. It is the innovative sound controls and a striking unfolding design that truly set these Bang & Olufsen Speakers apart, however, and they will add significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal of whichever room you deploy them.

Sophisticated in the extreme, the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 Speakers boasts a sleek, tall silhouette and eye-catching, rounded base that stands proudly in any room without being at all overbearing. Crafted from warm oak and elegant aluminium, this fantastic audio system is very much in keeping with the design led aesthetic of all the wonderful wares from this technological giant.

The audio engineers at Bang & Olufsen have excelled themselves once again with the BeoLab 50 and they have crafted a loudspeaker which delivers above and beyond the call of duty regardless of what you’re choosing to use it for. It has 2100 watts of precision power which is carefully divided amongst seven amplifiers to ensure the quality of listening experience that consumers demand from Bang & Olufsen products.

Effortless Control 

Another fantastic feature of the BeoLab 50 is how it offers offers seamless control options for your tech which is tailored to the ways you interact with the gadgets dotted about your home. It will effortlessly integrate with your BeoVision TV using the BeoRemote One and you can make use of the app as well to ensure that your listening needs are met at the touch of a button.

The quality of Bang & Olufsen products never ceases to amaze us here at Coolector HQ and whilst this BeoLab 50 Speaker might be prohibitively expensive for the average consumer, if you’ve got pockets which are adequately deep to warrant a purchase, then you’ll be in for a listening experience like no other.

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