Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt

As we’re transitioning from summer into autumn, most of us will turn our attention to the wardrobe additions required to cater to the inevitable dip in temperatures and so far as shirts are concerned, you’re really going to be hard pressed to find a more suitable candidate than these awesome looking Yosemite Shirts from Coolector HQ favourites, Taylor Stitch.

When purchasing clothing you inevitably want a brand that you’re comfortable with and know make their wares in the right way and this is definitely something which can be applied to San Francisco based apparel and lifestyle brand, Taylor Stitch. Finding a shirt that’s versatile enough for the shift from summer to autumn isn’t always easy but these super cool Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirts certainly look like they’ll fit the bill and keep you looking great whilst doing it.

Crafted for Adventure

The quality of clothing from Taylor Stitch is always second to none and their latest offering, this series of Yosemite Shirts, are available in a number of different styles and colourways to suit your own personal fashion tastes. Born from an endeavour to create the perfect outdoor men’s shirt, the Yosemite Shirt from Taylor Stitch has got all the hallmarks of a classic piece of apparel from the American fashion brand and the fact it is crafted from the thickest, puppy-soft chamois that they could find bodes well for the comfort of the garment.

Adventure is in the blood for Taylor Stitch and it is invariably their first thought with any piece of clothing that they create – it must be suitable for adventures into the wild – and the Yosemite Shirt from Taylor Stitch is more capable than most in this department. The 9-oz. 100% Cotton Flannel Chamois used in its construction is central to providing both the comfort and versatility of this first rate piece of apparel and you’ll be blown away by how great it looks and how functional it is.

As with all the clothing from Taylor Stitch, there is a real attention to detail in the design and materials used in these Yosemite Shirts and this benefits the wearer immeasurably because it means its comfort and durability are unparalleled. We’re always advocates of the clothing from Taylor Stitch here at Coolector HQ as we see the effort they put into sourcing the best materials for their wares and you’ll witness this once again with their latest piece of first class apparel.

Quality Materials

Everywhere you look with these Yosemite Shirts from Taylor Stitch, there are impressive design features and materials in evidence. Just a few of the more stand out ones include single needle construction with French seams, unbreakable Japanese urea buttons, the signature Taylor Stitch California collar and two flap chest pockets with single pencil slot. All in all, this will be the perfect, functional shirt for the autumn and winter months ahead.

If you find yourself in need of a versatile shirt at the months begin to cool but your need for adventure isn’t waning, these brilliantly crafted and fantastically stylish Yosemite Shirts from Taylor Stitch won’t let you down and, as always, the quality is beyond compare.

Price: $98

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Leo Davie