Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2

Finding the right sound system for your own personal requirements is seldom a straightforward process but the good chaps over at Bang & Olufsen often make it a much less obstacle filled one with their excellent array of devices and their latest offering certainly appears to be no exception. The device in question goes by the name of the BeoPlay A2 and, from first impressions, it definitely looks as though it will be very much to the liking of those after a high-performing, portable music device and who demand genuine innovation from their technology.

What sets the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 apart is a rather intelligent piece of technology which they’ve entitled True360 which, in layman’s terms that we understand, essentially means that everyone listening to the speaker will get equally as good sound quality regardless of where they are placed in the room. This fantastically stylish device continues Bang & Olufsen’s trend of creating aesthetically pleasing products, first and foremost, that are admirably backed up by being technologically superior to many of their rival’s offerings – with the BeoPlay A2 being somewhat of a poster-child for this.

For anyone in the market for a first class, Bluetooth speaker system, the BeoPlay A2 doesn’t disappoint on any front and the fact it has been designed by a decorated and award-winning Danish designer by the name of Cecilie Manz serves to add to its not inconsiderable cache still further. There are all sorts of impressive features going on under the hood of the BeoPlay A2 from Bang & Olufsen such as “adaptive power management” that helps to preserve battery power as and when required and help ensure your speakers last for as long as possible before recharging is required. Take a look at a few more shots of the BeoPlay A2 below:





Available in a variety of different colourways to suit your personal tastes and interior design endeavours, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 has unquestionably got all the bases covered from an aesthetic and performance point of view and we’re big fans of its superb capabilities here at Coolector HQ. A first class device that will certainly make the grade for anyone after a hugely portable and stylish listening device for their auditory pleasure.

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