Masters of Malt Advent Calendars

As much as we don’t really want to, we’re already thinking about Christmas here at Coolector HQ and those of both an alcohol and festive persuasion are likely to want to sit up and take notice of these rather amazing Masters Of Malt Advent Calendars that forgo the mundane chocolates that are typically unveiled in such products and opt for a much more chap friendly reveal of a dram of whisky, vodka or other assorted tipples.

Masters of Malt are a UK based purveyor of all manner of spirit related awesomeness and their Drink By The Dram advent calendars are the perfect fodder for anyone who isn’t overly enamoured with the thought of a chocolate each morning throughout December and who would much rather be treated to a winter warmer in the form of a shot of whisky, vodka or gin.

There are some great brands included in each of the different iterations of these advent calendars such as Monkey Shoulder and Rock Town bourbon for the whisky lovers, Konik’s Tail and 42 Below for the vodka aficionado and, last but no means least, Death’s Door and Elephant Dry gin for those who prefer this form of tipple. Check out the other available calendars below:



The fact that the chap enjoying the tipples on the boxes for the vodka and whisky versions bears more than a passing resemblance to Ron Swanson just serves to add to our desire to own one of these awesome Masters of Malt Advent Calendars here at Coolector HQ and if you’ve got someone equally enamoured with these spirits in your life, this will certainly make for a welcome pre-Christmas gift.

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