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Barbour are, of course, a brand that require no introduction and here at The Coolector we are a little surprised that it has taken them quite as long as it has but they are now taking their first tentative steps into the world of horology with a series of Barbour Watches which are set to be released in August this year and given how great they’re looking, we’re pretty excited.

The heritage and prestige of the Barbour brand is omnipresent in these spiffing timepieces and you’ll immediately recognise a similar aesthetic and design appeal running through these expertly crafted watches as that which is witnessed in their impeccable clothing and accessories. As you might expect from a brand of Barbour’s repute, the attention to detail with their timepieces is second to none and they are crafted using Swiss mechanisms to deliver precise timing.

Barbour are famed for their love of tweed, of course, and this is reflected in the straps of their new collection of timepieces, with many boasting the material with which the brand is largely synonymous and there are plenty of English features to these watches for Anglophiles to enjoy. We’re firm fans of Barbour at Coolector HQ and given our love of timepieces too, you’ll understand why we’re eagerly anticipating the launch of Barbour watches in August. The shots below will add further fuel to this fire:

Barbour-10-GQ-05March14_pr_b_540x810 Barbour-17-GQ-04Mar13_pr_b_540x810 Barbour-21-GQ-04Mar13_pr_b_540x810As you can patently see, these Barbour watches are casual but painfully stylish as well and we definitely like the look of them at Coolector HQ.

Barbour are a brand who, in our opinion, should have been making watches long before 2014 but now that they’re finally set to arrive, we’re glad to see that they’ve definitely been worth the wait.

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