HMNIM Playing Cards

You would think, given our proclivity for writing about playing cards here at Coolector HQ, that we would exhibit a Rain Man-esque level of card counting capabilities but, in actuality, we are completely inept at every card game that requires even a modicum of skill but we do love exceptional design and, truth be told, these amazing looking HMNIM Playing Cards are certainly the most eye-catching we’ve come across in a while.

For anyone of a nautical persuasion, we’re willing to wager you’ll not find many better playing cards than this striking set from HMNIM (which stands for Hi, My Name Is Mark – a company from Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 fame) and we here at Coolector HQ have set aside a pride of place for this set in our (yet to be realised) shelf of card based awesomeness. This amazing octopus emblazoned set of playing cards is a collaboration between HMNIM and leading playing card purveyors, Dan & Dave, and boast some really fantastical designs to represent the different suits.

The artwork on these HMNIM Playing Cards is hand-drawn and they are printed on D&D quality stock and finish, with an embossed box art and gold foil nautical map to boot. The set is a limited edition offering so if you like what you about to soon see then we recommend moving quickly if you want to get your hands on a set. Check out just why we here at The Coolector love them so much below:








Such striking design isn’t always evident with playing cards and the sea-faring visual appeal of these HMNIM Playing Cards is unquestionably to our liking here at The Coolector.

A wonderfully realised, hand-made set of playing cards which, of course, are no different to any other set from a functionality point of view but when you speak of aesthetics, they are entirely beyond compare.

Price: $12

Available: HMNIM

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