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We’re all about well made wares here at Coolector HQ and this is something that we’re particularly keen on when it comes to apparel brands. It is for that reason that we’ve gravitated towards an American label called Batch who are like-minded in their pursuit of quality goods and forgo the temptation of mass production. The end result is a series of amazing shirts that are made in small quantities to exacting standards and no where is this better witnessed than with their latest release, the Utility Shirt Collection.

Batch are hell bent on providing the perfect shirt for today’s modern man and, in the form of their eye-catching Utility Shirt Collection, it might just be mission accomplished. Having witnessed the fact that the speed and volume required for selling of apparel to mass retailers has eradicated all care and attention to detail in your clothing, Batch made it their goal to remedy this situation and, in the words of Guinness, ‘Good things come to those who wait‘.

Tangible Quality for Modern Men

Bucking the trend of mass production, Batch creates with intention, care and focus, one batch at a time, safe in the knowledge that today’s savvy man will wait for a product of superior quality and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with any of the options from their understated, versatile and stylish Utility Shirts Collection – including our own favourite here at Coolector HQ, the Editor Shirt.

The Utility Shirts Collection from Batch is a premium quality series of shirts which have been carefully and meticulously crafted in small batches to make sure every element from the fit to the styling is absolutely spot on. These are undoubtedly shirts that boast an efficient and effective attitude and that’s something that will typically be reflected in those who wear them.

As you might expect from an apparel brand that dares to do things differently and craft their wares in small quantities for discerning individuals, Batch Shirts put a real emphasis on quality when it comes to the materials used in their Utility Shirts Collection. For example, expect to find outstanding features like mother of pearl buttons, 100% mercerized cotton and the sense of exclusivity that comes from knowing each shirt is made in batches of just 20 or less.

There’s a Batch for You

With a number of shirts to choose from in the range – including the aforementioned Editor, which is joined by the likes of the Freelancer and the Tactician – you’ll not be short of options with the Utility Shirts Collection from Batch which come in a number of different colours to suit every taste and style persuasion. If you’re on the hunt for a shirt that is clearly a cut above the competition both in terms of the comfort that it delivers and the attention to detail that has gone into its crafting, Batch are the brand for you.

As we were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the devilishly dapper Utility Shirts from Batch here at Coolector HQ, we can certainly vouch for their quality and it really is ideally suited to our day to day needs regardless of what we’re up to – whether this be a meeting with a client or enjoying a craft beer or two with friends.

If you’re the sort of man that knows what you like in the fashion department and consider yourself more of a shepherd than a sheep, you’ll likely have just found the ideal ally in the form of Batch Shirts who really do believe in keeping things focused – a fact very much born out by the latest, and in our opinion, greatest collection of shirts.

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