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Of all the different types of furniture that you deploy around your home, few are as under appreciated as the common shelf. They are invariably put up and forgotten about as they store your various bits and pieces but they are about to be given a new lease of life, not to mention considerably more functionality, in the form of this awesome looking Indiegogo project that goes by the name of Sky Shelves.

Sky Shelves are being billed as the most adaptable and customizable magnetic shelves ever and for those of us that have plenty of uses for shelving around our home or office, these are definitely going to be on your must-have list. The ease of use and straightforward means of installation will make this a popular choice for DIY-phobes out there and it’s little surprise to us here at Coolector HQ that they’ve already smashed their funding target over on Indiegogo.

Simple & Stylish

The whole “no tools, no screws” approach to these Sky Shelves certainly appeals to us here at The Coolector given our own ineptitude at DIY and for those similarly afflicted and seeking the perfect means of easily installing shelving anywhere around their home, this really is the ideal solution. The magnetic makeup of these cracking shelves will mean that you can really configure them around your specific space and storage requirements and the sheer versatility that they are capable of offering is second to none.

With more or less a limitless amount of ways you’re able to configure the Sky Shelves, you’ll be blown away by just how much functionality they are capable of delivering to any room in the home or even your workspace for those who need an ordered place in which to work and be creative. Increasing space and letting you truly organise your home in a way that suits you is the real standout feature of Sky Shelves and when it comes to adding a touch of order to your home, there can be few better solutions than this.

Robust in design and with extremely strong and safe magnets that will keep your shelves together regardless of the rough and tumble that you subject them to, the Sky Shelves are overflowing with innovative design features and it’s hard not to be impressed with what has been accomplished here. Whether it’s the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen or your workspace, you’ll never run out of uses for this highly accomplished shelving solution.

Take Your Pick

The Sky Shelves are available in a number of different colours and sizes over on Indiegogo so are sure to fit in with any interior design endeavour. There are an abundance of features and reasons that will make you want to add the Sky Shelves to your storage line up including the fact they are extremely easy to clean, waterproof, portable, capable of being assembled in a matter of seconds and can be put together without any tools or screws.

If this looks like the sort of straightforward, stylish and functional furniture that deserves a place in your home or office (which we certainly do here at Coolector HQ) then there is still plenty of time to head over to Indiegogo and show your support for the project and pick up some supremely versatile storage for a bargain price.

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