The Beach Cottage

Beachside living is something that has a lot of appeal for most people, us included here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for this superb piece of architectural design in the shape of The Beach Cottage from Surfside Projects architects. A great use of space and clever design features throughout The Beach Cottage and it boasts the sort of laid-back, understated aesthetic that we’re big fans of.

The Beach Cottage from Surfside Projects is located in Southern California and is a mere stroll to the surf which makes it such an attractive proposition for its current residents and any lovers of surfing in general. This fantastically well conceived reimagining of an existing cottage really has breathed new life into what was a tired looking property and delivered a contemporary, eye-catching living space for the 21st century.

Surf’s Up

This excellent piece of architectural design from Surfside Projects was a complete redesign of an existing 1957 Rancher cottage in California that took on the existing space and created some new and much more modern and suited to the lifestyle of its current residents. The principle objective of the project was to passionately morph the tired looking home into an environmentally conscious, fun living space that made the most of the space available and, as you can see, it is mission well and truly accomplished.

The Surfside Projects designed The Beach Cottage keeps all of the original two bed, one bath bungalow’s structure in tact and upgraded it to current codes and made sure that the changes were highlighted by the interior vaulted ceiling with exposed wood beams. In addition to this, an all new angled cube volume re-used the old concrete slab of the home and replaced a termite and mold infested addition from the 1960s to create a truly stunning living space which is as relaxing as it is welcoming.

It boasts Passive designed overhangs, a genuinely thoughtful use of natural wood throughout the property which is emphasised by an abundance of natural light, multi slide glass doors and an open concept floor plan in the common areas which do a great job of defining the clean design aesthetic. The Beach Cottage has kitchen doors crafted from Marine-grade Plywood sheets right off the lumberyard shelf. This is joined by exterior wood siding which was sandblasted prior to staining to raise the grain and accent the texture of flat grain Douglas Fir. Great design features like this help maintain cool factor of this coastal lifestyle retreat.

Landscaping Excellence

With a landscaping objective of replicating the look of local State Beach Campgrounds and consciously reducing the home’s water usage for irrigation, there is a distinct eco-friendly feeling to The Beach Cottage from Surfside Projects. There is exensive use of decomposed granite called “Palm Springs Gold” to replace the previous lawn, mass plantings of succulents and drought tolerant grasses were installed throughout and deliver a great looking exterior for this understated property.

Being a stone’s throw from the beach and boasting a painfully cool interior and eco-friendly exterior, there is a lot to like about The Beach Cottage. The team behind its design have done a great job of capturing exactly the right aesthetic for this sort of property and have sympathetically restored a 1950s dwelling and brought it well and truly into the 21st century.

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