P & Co Dark Daze Collection

We always look forward to summer rolling around because it invariably means one of our favourite apparel brands, P & Co, will release one of the most extensive new collections of goods and so it has proven once again with this magnificent looking Dark Daze Series from the motorbike inspired lifestyle brand. If you’ve loved all the other cracking collections from P & Co, this is more of the wonderful same and we want each and every piece in our summer wardrobe here at Coolector HQ.

The Dark Daze Collection from P & Co is once again inspired by the spirit for adventure which has typified the brand since their inception. The endless roads, palm trees and hazy sunsets that serve as a catalyst for unforgettable adventures and trips into the unknown make for the perfect muse for this eye-catching new collection from P & Co and they typography and illustration inspired apparel is on point once again.

Spirit of Adventure

All the collections from P & Co are born from their pioneering spirit and the Dark Daze Collection is no exception. This top notch new series of wares from the UK based apparel brand is their own unique version of summer, which continues the journey on from Spring- which means much more nostalgia, more gasoline and more eye-catching graphic designs on their fantastic printed tees.

The Dark Daze Collection from P & Co has definitely caught our illustration loving eye here at Coolector HQ and it boasts a stellar line up of printed T-shirts, denim jackets and other little accessories that will look the part this summer and autumn. This brilliant collection of goods boasts a wavy, distorted and visually tactile aesthetic which alludes to how summer should be experimental and about livin’ the good life – a vibe that they have captured with some considerable aplomb with this Dark Daze collection.

With a look book shot on location in Palm Springs, California, they’ve really captured the essence of what the Dark Daze Collection is all about and we’re big fans of all the goods from P & Co but there is something about this collection in particular that really resonates with our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and we’re in little doubt there will be plenty of other men out there wanting to add a tee or three to their wardrobe this summer.

Bold Colours

As always, P & Co have incorporated some bold colours into their excellent apparel designs with this Dark Daze Collection and it introduces washed yellows, reds and oranges to their mighty impressive range, along with a whole host of new embroidered pieces and denim jackets. Heavily influenced by vintage surf styles and straight from the waves themselves, this painfully cool new collection is definitely one of P & Co’s finest to date.

For any man on the hunt for some awesome new t-shirts or denim jackets this summer, the Dark Daze Collection from P & Co is going to serve you mighty well. Another fine addition to their ever growing apparel range, this fantastic selection of goods is certainly getting two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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