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After our first stab at Movember last year, I think it’s fair to say that facial hair requires a lot more upkeep than we previously imagined and that’s why we’ve got a new found appreciation for all the different forms of grooming products tailored to those with a glorious face-mane. With this in mind, we’ve seen few better brands than Beard Buddy of late and their superb branding has left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ and for anyone looking for products to keep their beard looking pristine, Beard Buddy have got you covered.

Founded in Los Angeles in 2011, Beard Buddy was founded by two friends, Nathan and Gareth, who had a shared affinity for all things facial hair and set about creating a brand that produced hand-crafted products that are made for people with beards by people with beards and with that Beard Buddy came to be.

Boasting a decidedly spiffing array of products that isn’t merely limited to beard grooming products and extends to apparel and handkerchiefs, Beard Buddy will win you over with their supremely well-crafted wares that should be in every moustachioed and bearded man’s wash bag. Take a look at a few of the best offerings from Beard Buddy below:








As you can see, there is a distinct design flair that goes into all of Beard Buddy’s products and all of their products that are aimed at ensuring your beard’s happiness, such as their Beard Wash and Beard Oil, are packed with natural ingredients that your facial fuzz will gratefully lap up.

Growing a beard is something that you’ll need to commit to for the long haul and it is important to have some quality goods to hand to help make sure your beard can be all it can be and this devilishly awesome range of goods from Beard Buddy has definitely got our vote here at The Coolector and we dare say we may be getting our hands on some before Movember 1st rolls round.

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