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Whilst it goes without saying that we charge our smartphones out of necessity more than anything else, that doesn’t mean to say we can’t make a show of the process and we’ve not seen many do it better than this decidedly fantastical Spira Phone Charger which is the work interactive designer, Alice Robbiani, for a project at the University of Contemporary Design and Applied Art.

Part sculpture, part interactive display, all awesome, the Spira Phone Charger uses the magnetic principal of inductive charging and will provide quite the visual spectacle whilst juicing your smartphone as the excellent video above wonderfully illustrates. Whilst this is currently just a concept product that isn’t available commercially, it is a great example of the fact that there are a multitude of means of keeping our smartphones charged and they can be extremely visually engaging with a little design flair.

The Spira Phone Charger comes in two separate components – one mounted wall docking station and one specially crafted case to place your smartphone to make it magnetic and compatible with the wall mount – and that’s where the fun begins. As your phone is being regenerated, special thermocratic ink in the base station creates a supremely impressive display of fractal patterns which is indicative of how much battery your phone has. Take a look at a few shots of the Spira below:

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 09.52.45





As you can see, there is a lot of movie parts going on beneath the surface of the Spira Phone Charger to make it some an impressive visual treat and Robbiani clearly has a lot of creative talents in her fingertips in order to craft such an engaging platform for charging one’s phone.

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