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As we’re currently in the midst of a beard growing phase here at Coolector HQ, our thoughts have naturally gravitated towards the sort of supplies we can use to placate said beard and it is for this reason we landed on the doorstep of Beard + Sea and their ace looking series of products for the bearded chap.

Beard + Sea are operate out of their workshop, which we imagine smells of rich mahogany, in Boston, USA, and their flagship product is a refreshing beard oil that will give the bearded fellow a rejuvenated looking and feeling face rug.

With ingredients that are chosen to be bright, refreshing and reminiscent of the sea, the beard oils from Beard + Sea might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are certainly ours. You can take a look at a few more shots of their spiffing wares below:

beard-oils_grande beard_and_sea_beard_oil_grande



The beard oil from Beard + Sea is a leave in conditioner for rugged, dry beards that will make them instantly more welcoming to the inevitable strokers you encounter during your day to day business. It is made from all natural ingredients which is important when caring for your beard as the synthetic ingredients in shampoos and conditioners can have a negative impact on the happiness of your beard and that’s why products like this beard oil from Beard + Sea now features high on our shopping list here at Coolector HQ.

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