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When it comes to modes of transportation, we’ve had our heads thoroughly turned by electric bikes of late here at Coolector HQ and another one has just thrown their hat into the ring and left us somewhat agog – and the contraption in question goes by the name of the Greyp Electric Bike.

The feature that immediately stood out to us at The Coolector with the Greyp Electric Bike is the fact that it is fingerprint activated which, I think we can all agree, is a mightily awesome feature that already elevates this spiffing looking machine to the top table so far as electric bikes are concerned.

The Greyp Electric Bike is the second generation steed from Greyp and it offers all manner of impressive features that will likely propel it to the top of most men’s wishlists. For example, it boasts a 120km range on a single charge, can reach speeds of 70kmh and has a rugged design that will withstand the rigours of everyday use. Take a look at a few more shots of the Greyp Electric Bike below:

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We’re always on the lookout for ace new contraptions here at Coolector HQ and the Greyp Electric Bike definitely ticks all of our boxes from an aesthetic and functionality point of view. We’re massively impressed with the technological capabilities of this eye-catching mode of transportation and for any urban traveller on the lookout for a new mode of transportation, there can be few better choices out there than this.

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