BeardBrand Explorer Kit

If you’re a bearded fellow with an exploration tilt then you will likely have found yourself in many a wilderness predicament when it comes to caring for your bushy face friend. This, however, is a folly that can easily be circumnavigated through proper pre-planning and said preparation entails packing one of these awesome looking BeardBrand Explorer Kits away in your backpack when you head out into the great outdoors.

BeardBrand are an American based (with a recently launched European site for us Brits) purveyor of facial hair products that boast a mightily impressive array of products for those proudly sporting a glorious face rug. If you plan on spending time getting back to nature in what remains of the summer but don’t want to let your beard fall into rack and ruin then you’ll most likely want to invest in one of these top notch BeardBrand Explorer Kits because it offers all the elements your require to keep your beard in tip-top shape.

The kit is built with the frequent traveller in mind and aims to let you travel in style without fretting about the welfare of your beard and the kit includes a boar’s hair brush, pocket beard comb, and your pick of Beardbrand mustache wax & beard oil to ensure your beard enjoys the life of luxury on your travels. All these products are provided in a rather stylish BeardBrand dopp bag which is made in America and has classic black and white canvas combination, with accenting full grain leather parts for a most dapper finish indeed. Check out a few shots of the BeardBrand Explorer Kit below:




If you spend vast swathes of time out on the road or in the wild and need a stylish, durable and highly effective kit for keeping your beard in shape, this cracking Explorer Kit from BeardBrand will undoubtedly tick all of the right boxes. Stylish and boasting some of the American brands best products, this is an essential piece of kit for the bearded fellow.

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